Home Move

We moved from our one bedroom flat in a purpose built block to a ground floor conversion flat. A member of the staff visited us to provide a quote and answered all our questions. We were given a number of options which would suit our case. After selecting the option we wanted, we were promptly given a moving date at one of the dates we asked for. The move consisted of two days: first day for packing, the second day for moving packed items and furniture.We had quite a lot of items for a one bedroom flat but everything was packed really fast and the packing was professional and safe.
“The staff for moving the packed items and our furniture arrived the day after the packing day and they did a great job. They were both fast and careful. They took notice of all our requests and made sure that they were all fulfilled. For example, we asked them not to wear shoes in the bedroom of the flat we were moving out from and they made sure that no one walked into the room with their shoes on.

When furniture and packed items were carried into the new property, everything was carefully placed in the correct rooms and the staff helped us position furniture etc. Again, they were very careful to not to leave any footprints or mud on the floor on a rainy day.

The staff were always polite, attentive and professional.

After the move, they allowed us unpack in our own time, which helped a lot. We unpacked the boxes packed by them in about a week and called the company. They arrived the next day and picked up the boxes.”