House-hunting, moving housesrelocating internationallymoving offices, renovations and repairs could all result in the need for you to store some of your items. When this happens, you’re going to want a solution that’s safe, flexible and cost-effective. Our container storage North London service is a great way to achieve secure storage whilst you’re in a transitional period. 

Ants Removals can provide you with competitive container store rates whatever your circumstances, whether you’re carrying out complete renovations to your property, or you’ve found yourself in temporary accommodation whilst you’re waiting for a house purchase to go through.

How do container storage North London services work?

Container storage works by using container storage facilities to store all your goods and valuables for however long you need the service. As part of the service, all of your goods are wrapped and carefully packed. We then load your goods into storage containers, making sure that everything remains fully sealed. All of your goods are then secured and kept completely clean until you require them again. 


Once you want your items back, your container is simply returned. Every one of your belongings remains completely untouched whilst it’s housed in the containers, and we take extra care when handling them. To make sure none of your items are damaged during the move, we use a mechanical lifting process to safely transport your container onto our van. By using this system, we’re able to minimize any unnecessary handling, meaning your items remain secure and dry.

Why Container Storage?

What Ants offers

Unlike other container storage companies in North London, Ants offer a complete service. That means once you arrange a time that’s convenient for you, our team will arrive at your home or business. Once there, we’ll take care of everything, from professionally wrapping and packing your items and providing you with an easy to follow inventory, to loading your goods into the container, sealing it and securely storing it in our warehouse.

Fully secured containers

With our container storage rental North London service, you can rest assured that all of your items will remain sealed, clean and dry whilst being housed in a fire-safe environment. Ants use state-of-the-art security systems and make sure none of your items are touched whilst you store them with us. For container storage quotes or for information on container access, be sure to get in touch with our team to discuss your needs.

There is a long list of reasons why you might need container storage in North London – from those who are relocating internationally, to companies moving offices and occupants of properties which are undergoing large-scale repairs and renovations.

Protect your possessions

With container storage, you can rest assured that your possessions are completely protected from both damage and theft. That means valuable items are perfect candidates to go into container storage. If you are in the middle of a big move, or if you are leaving the country for a long time. There is no substitute for adequate security when it comes to the items which are considered irreplaceable.


While it may not offer the ultra easy access that self-storage – the main alternative to container storage – can, container storage is typically much better value. That means if you are looking to store your items for the mid to long-term. Then  container storage can allow you to save on your overheads. When compared to other storage options on the market.


You have several different price points and access levels to choose from. When it comes to container storage, meaning that you can pick exactly the right package for your needs. You don’t need to pay for more space than you want. If you only need access to your items after a few months or even over a year. You can expect a cheaper rate due to the lower level of access required

Free up space at home or at work

In many cases, customers can benefit from container storage simply because they want to ‘get things out of the way’. Particularly in urban areas, adequate space can be hard to come by. With container storage. you can ensure that your stored items are not getting in the way of every day life, while keeping them safe and secure.

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