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Ants Removal began in 1985, and it has been providing quality storage and removals in Walthamstow since then. We started out as a company that delivered residential furniture, and we have now grown to satisfy customers all over the world. Our fleet of removal vans comprises of electric vehicles that service North and Central London removals. The services of our company are well known in North London, because of the quality and affordability of our services.

Removals in Walthamstow

Over the last three decades, Ants removals have served residents in North London and all over the UK with house removal services. Since all house moves are different, we take time to understand the needs of each customer and prepare a comprehensive plan for each customer. During the preparation of the removal plan, we take into account your timescale, budget and circumstances. In all cases, we aim to offer unique services that help you move with ease. Ants’ quality of service is standard, whether you are moving around the UK or planning to move overseas.

At Ants Removals, we have a highly qualified team that can help you with your home removal. If you only need one or two professionals to help you move a short distance, we can help. A bespoke service can be prepared by our staff to meet your requirements, however small your move looks.

Storage in Walthamstow

As a customer, your items are stored in secure storage devices in North London. Proper packaging is done inside wooden storage boxes that meet industry standards. Vehicles used by our company can carefully transport these boxes to your residence whenever you need them. Since the wooden boxes we use are stronger than cardboard, they are not prone to damage. This makes it easier for our staff to handle your items with ease. To improve the security of your possessions in the wooden boxes, we can seal the boxes until you instruct us or you open it yourself.

When we quote for you the prices of your storage needs, we only consider what you need. That is why our prices depend on what you need to store with us. In case you are not sure if we can store a particular item, talk to us, we are happy to help. Ants Removal offers the best home removals and storage in Walthamstow, North London and the rest of the UK.


For more information on what you want to store or how you want to move, we would love to help you. Call us today at 020 8807 3721 or send us an email at [email protected].

Creative Solutions

We work swiftly, efficiently and safely, safeguarding our own staff and any people that you have on site with our quality removals processes and standards.

Flexible and responsive

We also work extended hours and are available as and when you need us, to remove key items from your office or premises without delay and to prevent further damage.

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To find out more about how Ants Removals can help with your response services, please contact us today. Our friendly team will be happy to answer your questions.

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