A guide to Commercial Removals by Ants Removals Limited

Moving premises is never easy. The upheaval is stressful and everybody in the organisation is impacted upon by the sheer level of inconvenience. At Ants, we provide a stress-relieving commercial removals service that removes the worry and responsibility from you and your staff’s shoulders.

Removing any element of confusion

What sets our service apart is the detailed and thorough approach that Ants does, from packing and unloading every single item. Offices are jam-packed with computers and other forms of technological devices. While computers may look identical in appearance, we are very well aware that each individual PC or Mac carries out a very different role. For that reason alone, it is vital that nothing is mixed up, everything is labelled correctly and that it all arrives at its point of destination with no level of confusion hanging over it. Ants realise the importance of getting the move complete speedily so that business can recommence as soon as possible.

Labelling of objects, followed by transportation of them

Ants have vast experience of carrying out commercial removals and, to a large extent, we remove the burden of stress from the company owners as well as their employees. The best role for company employees to play in the removals process (if they wish to play a role at all) is to clearly label their belongings around their workspace.

The days of companies getting their workforce to facilitate every aspect of the move to a new office are long gone. This merely causes confusion, while a lack of training in the moving of delicate and heavy items can lead to injury, as well as damage to expensive belongings. The importance of a step-by-step, systematic process is vital and aids towards a successful move without any issues. That is what we provide, and that is why your move will go off without a hitch.

Items are uniformly identifiable, for a swifter move

Well in advance of the move, Ants will ensure that we have received all of the relevant details pertaining to every last item so that when the big day does finally come around, everything works out seamlessly. Labelling, again, is the key for us, as we separate items by the department they belong in, as well as their weight. We will be ready to get the job done as quickly as possible so that you can be up and running in your new office straight away. Rest assured that all of your computers, televisions, printers, scanners, photocopiers and telephones will be systematically given their individual place in line as the move is taking place.

Carefully storing digital and, where necessary, paper files

We are very much living in a digital world whereby most important documents are stored on computers, smartphones and other devices. However, that’s not to say that the era of the filing cabinet has completely met its maker.

If your company still deals with paper files, that is no problem for Ants. On moving day, you won’t need to worry about a crucial piece of paper falling through the cracks. For all of your paper files, of which there could be thousands, Ants will ensure that they are safely packed off and ready to arrive in the new office location in the exact same condition. With digital files, it’s easier, as they are generally stored within the computer or external drives. This will all be grouped accordingly.

Furniture stored away in a risk-free manner

The same approach goes for office furniture, be it chairs, tables, cabinets and canteen appliances. Ants’ techniques are based on showing the utmost care and respect for every last item that comes into our possession. All office furniture will be packed away in a careful manner and stored in a way that leaves it clear from any risk of damage.

Constant communication

At Ants Removals, we realised a very long time ago that the key to a successful move is communication. That’s why, from the moment you choose us to facilitate your move of office, we will go through every last detail with you. This might seem like a light point, but we have realised over time that it is actually hugely important. Without communication, mistakes are made. Constant communication keeps everybody’s mind focused and the job on track.

Storage solutions

If your existing office needs to be cleared out today, for example, but you can’t move into the new premises for a week or two, Ants offer storage solutions that will give you and your colleagues that important peace of mind. Our storage facilities are fully secure, while our methods of storage mean that everything will have its own designated space so that when it is time to move into your new HQ, we will get your belongings there without any fuss or delay.

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