How to complete the office move with minimal disruption

Moving office is an exciting time, especially if you are upgrading to a bigger and better space. However, the actual moving process can be very stressful and tiring if not done properly. Especially with so many staff to manage whilst trying to ensure you don’t interrupt day-to-day business too much. To help you out, here are six top tips for completing an office move with minimal disruption.

1. Prepare everyone as far in advance as possible

Depending on how long you’ve been in your current office, there could be a lot that needs to be done. If you only make everyone aware at the last minute, then this leads to mass-panic as everyone fusses around trying to get their items packed in time. Instead, give as much notice as possible, so that everyone can start packing everything less vital early on.

2. Inform your clients

No matter how much you plan, the move will of course cause some degree of disruption to the business. To soften the blow and to maintain good relations with clients, let them know a week or so before you move. Give them a set time period at which you won’t be available. That way, they can expect slower responses to their questions.

3. Pick the best time to make the move

There is no set time of day and week that is best to move. Instead, it will come down to the nature of your business. However, say that most business activity gets done during the week, then plan the move over the weekend. Also, think of what time of the month is best. Some businesses find that end and the start of the month are busiest as this is when customers tend to get paid.

4. Create a system for packing and storing

It’s not just the moving out process that is stressful, but also the moving in part! Instead of just trying to clear everything out as quickly as possible, make sure that everything is packed away in a systematic manner. That way, you can give your removals company clear instructions of what needs to go where in the new office. It also helps to prevent any expensive breakages!

5. Set up your utilities ahead of time

Nothing will cause more disruption to your business than moving into an office that doesn’t have all the utilities set up. Having no electric or internet could spell disaster for your company. Instead, make sure you contact all the providers early on and get things set up. That way, when you move in you’ll be able to carry on with work as if nothing has changed.

6. Work with a trusted removals company

The company that you choose to help you move will play a very large part on how smoothly the move goes. You want to pick a company with plenty of good reviews and who has the vans and equipment suited to your business’s needs. It’s not always best to choose the cheapest firm but instead go for one charging a fair and reasonable rate for a top-quality service.

Here at Ants Removals, we offer a complete corporate removals service to businesses all across North London. With years of industry experience and a passion for our job, we are the go-to choice for businesses large and small who are looking to move office with as little disruption as possible. To find out more and to get a custom quote, contact our friendly team today.

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