How to move internationally with a lot of possessions

Moving abroad is stressful enough without having to worry about getting the contents of your home and your personal possessions there in one piece. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks that can make the process much easier, and ensure that your important possessions aren’t lost or broken in transit.

Create a spreadsheet

If you don’t already know exactly what you’ve got in your house, then an organised list of items is a good way to take stock of your stuff and provide an overview of what you’ll need to pack up. As well as giving you a reference point if you need to find something before the big day, or if anything goes missing, a spreadsheet is also a good way to see if there’s any clutter or unwanted items that you may want to get rid of or put into storage before moving abroad. If you’re feeling particularly organised, then giving each item a colour or number to match the label going on the box it’ll be carried in is an easy way to save lots of time spent hunting at the other end.

Label up properly

Writing clear, concise labels or stickers for your boxes is a simple way to keep track of where everything is, and to make it easier for the movers to put each box in the right room at the other end. Consider using a colour or number system as mentioned above, or investing in a dynamo or label printer to make things faster and ensure pen ink doesn’t get washed off in the rain. Consider using a secret code for boxes containing valuables too, for example labelling jewellery as ‘toiletries’, so that no-one is tempted to take boxes that look like they contain something expensive.

Use proper protection

Bubble wrap may be an extra cost, but it goes a long way to prevent not only bumps and scratches, but also crushing and misshaping. The extra-large air pocket strips are particularly handy for packing out big boxes, and things like mirrors and picture frames should have a few layers to handle turbulence or choppy seas. Don’t be scared to smother your boxes or packing crates in fragile stickers either, and consider getting language-specific fragile stickers depending on the country you’re relocating to.

Keep your expensive possessions in your hand luggage

If you’re transporting jewellery, sentimental photos or things like smartphones and small electronic devices, then consider packing them in your hand luggage or a handbag. You’ll be able to have more control over their location, and a piece of hand luggage is less likely to get lost or stolen than a suitcase or packing box.

Have ‘pack last’ and ‘open first’ boxes

Packing away essentials too early is a common mistake when moving abroad, so keep things like packing tape, scissors and labels in a ‘pack last’ box, along with the things you’ll need to travel including phone chargers, passports, travel documents and any visas. It’s worth putting together an ‘open first’ box too, with things like spare clothes, toiletries and daily essentials coming in very handy when you first arrive after a stressful journey.

Use a trusted removal company

Save yourself the hassle of organising logistics and packing up your furniture and possessions by using a trusted international removal company. Ants Removals are experts when it comes to international relocation, and know all of the ins and outs of packing up, transporting, and delivering personal possessions without damage or loss. You’ll be thankful for a professional and reliable service after a stressful journey, and the headache of having to babysit your items as they travel to your new home will be taken out of your hands.

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